about heart cry for hope

The Story of Heart Cry for Hope

12 years ago, Summer Watson had a deep burden for people in South Central Kentucky to have the opportunity to seek professional, Christ-centered mental health care. After more than 10 years of working in various roles in community mental health and long term care, Summer believed there was a better way. From 2007 to 2013, Summer prayed, prepared and planned to open Heart Cry for Hope, PLLC. with the mission of imparting Biblical truths to guide the process of counseling. Summer remains passionate in connecting people to Jesus through his Word while helping to bring restoration in the midst of complicated life struggles.


Heart Cry for Hope, PLLC. opened in Glasgow, Kentucky at the beginning of 2013 and after 6 years, serves more than 17 Central Kentucky counties and 2 states, providing professional, Christ-centered counseling.

Humanity was never created to go through life alone. People in general are at their best when they are living, loving and serving within a network of supports that help foster wellness on all fronts. Often, physical or emotional isolation is an undercurrent of the experience of depression, anxiety, grief and trauma.

Heart Cry for Hope proudly collaborates with the local church and other community organizations, to help bridge the gap in mental health treatment for community members that are often served by the church and for committed Christ followers who are seeking additional support while participating in counseling. Working together, the church, the community and the professional counselor are often able to help clients realize lasting change much faster because of the solid support that is established through the process of treatment. When support and accountability is established and fostered, consistent progress is often achieved and life’s most intimidating circumstances are overcome!

*Collaboration occurs when client requests and consent is obtained.