counseling & consultation services

Services include treatment for…



Panic Attacks

Severe Mental Illness

Stress Management

Grief & Loss

Terminal Illness

Physical Disabilities

Women’s Issues

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Workplace Problems

Anger Management


Marital Stress

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pornography Addiction

Separation & Divorce

Adolescence Adjustments



Workplace Challenges

Psycho-Educational groups

Parenting & Step-Parenting Concerns

Family Issues

Post-Traumatic Stress Issues

Sexual & Physical Traumas


Compulsions & Obsessions


Childhood Behavioral Problems

Financial Issues

consultation and professional supervision

Counseling Consultation

A Counseling Consultation can be both beneficial and insightful when a person has doubt about their need for counseling or simply wants to have an opportunity to discuss his/her circumstances without committing to ongoing treatment. Consultations are generally 1-hour in length and designed for the individual/couple/family to meet with the trained professional counselor to discuss their circumstances and receive feedback. This process helps determine how to move forward in resolving the concerns. During a consultation there is no expectation of continued commitment to ongoing treatment, but an opportunity to initiate treatment if the counselor recommends ongoing mental health care.

Career Consultation

A Career Consultation provides an opportunity for high school or college students to meet with Summer Watson to discuss their interest in clinical and/or Biblical/Christian counseling with the goal of career exploration with counseling as a potential career choice. Summer welcomes the opportunity to encourage students in this profession and speak to the great need for students to join the helping profession.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is offered by Summer Watson as she is a trained and credentialed Clinical Supervisor by the Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.