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What clients are saying about Heart Cry for Hope

“I really don’t know what I would have done without Heart Cry for Hope after the loss of my husband”


Heart Cry for Hope Client

“Walking into Heart Cry for Hope feels like a breath of fresh air; the customer service is superb!”


Heart Cry for Hope Client

“I needed so much to be reminded that God was for me and not against me in the middle of the worst time of my life. My faith in Jesus has really grown through the process of counseling.”


Heart Cry for Hope Client

“My husband and I are seeing such improvement in our son’s grades and behavior after seeking counseling at Heart Cry.”


Heart Cry for Hope Client

“It is so refreshing to have someone pray with me over my struggles; I believe they really care.”


Heart Cry for Hope Client

“My wife and I have decided against divorce after seeking marriage counseling at Heart Cry for Hope; facing our struggles is changing our marriage.”

Donald & Leah

Heart Cry for Hope Clients

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